Quad Bike and LUV Training

Forestry Training New Zealand offers a wide range of courses in the area of forestry health and safety training.

This post focuses on Quad bike and Light Utility Vehicles and the training that FTNZ offers for this.

These courses are delivered to new operators and to experienced operators needing a refresher course or to formalize their experience by way of NZQA assessment. The courses are delivered in accordance with current industry accepted guidelines by experienced trainers. Duration is 1-2 days.

Some of the content is as follows:

  • Legal responsibilies
  • Quad bike & LUV pre-use daily checks
  • Functions and controls
  • Maintenance
  • Active riding skills
  • Carried loads and towed loads
  • Loading and un-loading from a trailer or ute
  • Safe ramp use
  • Hazard awareness and perception
  • Ascending, descending and traversing slopes