Chainsaw safety, quad bike safety, 4x4 driver training, four wheel drive courses, LUV training, tree felling courses and dealing with Hazardous trees

Forestry Training New Zealand deliver well organised and relevant forestry and 4x4 training courses country wide using industry registered & qualified trainers.

Forestry Training New Zealand has the flexibility to develop and deliver training in chainsaw use,  quad bikes, tree felling and any other health and safety training modules to meet your needs and wants rather than imposing a pre-developed format that doesn't apply to your situation or environment.

FTNZ are contracted to Competenz to deliver unit standards and New Zealand Certificate programmes. 

Chainsaw Courses

We cater for new comers to Chainsaw operation and to those with existing experience that need a refresher course or wish to formalize their experience by being assessed for unit standard competencies.

Tree Felling Course

Delivered by industry experienced and Competenz endorsed Trainers this course is a must for anyone intending to fell a tree of any description. The course is designed to prepare operators for entry level tree felling by giving them the knowledge and practical experience.

4x4 Driver Training

Delivered by approved trainer/assessors over a period of 1-2 days depending on content and assessment requirements. In line with best practice guidelines this course includes both theory and practical learning.

Quad Bike and LUV Training

February 18, 2014
Forestry Training New Zealand offers a wide range of courses in the area of forestry health and safety training. This post focuses on Quad bike and Light Utility Vehicles and the training that FTNZ offers for this.These courses are delivered to new operators and to experienced operators needing a ...
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Hazardous Trees Course. Unit 28562

Fell and/or clear hazardous trees

Unit 28562

Knowing how to recognize and manage hazardous trees is an essential part of safe tree felling and clearing. Being able to spot hazards and difficult situations is a key skill and the first step towards staying safe.

On this course you will learn about:

  • Different types of hazardous trees
  • The options available for dealing with these types of trees
  • Advanced felling techniques
  • Making the right decision when faced with a difficult tree

Pole Saws and Electric Saws

Combi-sytems , pole saws and electric saws are becoming more common in workplaces and at home.

Electric/battery  Chainsaws an be used on any of the chainsaw courses we deliver however a combination of petrol and electric must be used when any assessment process is taking place.

We have a custom made training package for Combi-systems and provide pole saw training by request