FTNZ Forestry and Safety Courses

Courses to suit you

Forestry Training New Zealand offer a wide range of courses for training you and your staff who work in the New Zealand Forests. All of our training courses can be individualised to best suit the needs of your staff and your situation. Please give us a call and we can customise the training to suit you.

Below is an indication of the type of training we can offer. All of these courses can have Unit Standard options associated with them, so please contact us to find out more.

Chainsaw Training

This course is delivered in accordance with current industry guidelines and is suitable for users at all levels of experience. We cater for new comers to Chainsaw operation and to those with existing experience that need a refresher course or wish to formalize their experience by being assessed for unit standard competencies. The chainsaw course is delivered over 1-3 days depending on experience of the attendees.

Some of the content on the course
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Refueling
  • Safe starting techniques
  • Basic maintenance including tensioning and sharpening your saw
  • Pre start checks
  • Basic cuts including the up cut , down cut and bore cut
  • Assessing and dealing with tension and compression wood

Tree Felling Courses

Delivered by industry experienced and Competenz endorsed Trainers this course is a must for anyone intending to fell a tree of any description. The course is designed to prepare operators for entry level tree felling by giving them the knowledge and practical experience. This course is 3-5 days in duration. NZQA assessment will be available only to operators that have a proven track record of chainsaw use prior to attending the course.

Some of the content on the course
  • Appropriate PPE and equipment for Tree felling
  • Minimum first aid requirements
  • Communication and site management
  • Tree assessment
  • Correct scarfing and back cutting techniques
  • Establishing escape routes
  • Alternative back cutting techniques
  • Use of felling aids (wedges)

4x4 Driver training

Delivered by approved trainer/assessors over a period of 1-2 days depending on content and assessment requirements. In line with best practice guidelines this course includes both theory and practical learning.

  • Practical hazard identification and safety margin assessments
  • Vehicle inspections and familiarisation
  • Gravel road driving (where applicable)
  • Fail to climb technique
  • Stall recovery technique
  • Ascending/descending techniques
  • Sidling techniques
  • Articulation considerations
  • Low friction surface driving (where applicable)
  • River crossings (where applicable)
  • ABS practical training (where applicable)
  • Recovery techniques including winching and static towing
  • Fitting and removing tyre chains

    Quad Bike and LUV Training

    These courses are delivered to new operators and to experienced operators needing a refresher or to formalize their experience by way of NZQA assessment. The courses are delivered in accordance with current industry accepted guidelines by experienced trainers. Duration is 1-2 days.

    Some of the content is as follows
    • Legal responsibilies
    • Quad bike & LUV pre-use daily checks
    • Functions and controls
    • Maintenance
    • Active riding skills
    • Carried loads and towed loads
    • Loading and un-loading from a trailer or ute
    • Safe ramp use
    • Hazard awareness and perception
    • Ascending, descending and traversing slopes